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Urban Renewal


Our law firm in Istanbul provides legal consultancy to its clients in all cases related to regulations and laws on urban renewal. We have experience in assisting our clients such as construction companies, private contractors, owners and tenants in all the stages of urban renewal processes in many regions of Istanbul including Kadıköy, Üsküdar, Maltepe, Kartal and Şişli.

It is increasingly seen that urban renewal is the prominent subject of the urban planning policies all over Turkey. This is made possible through three important Acts one of which, the Act no 6306, is most frequently applied and offers major advantages for those wishing to demolish and re-build their properties. In this regard, it must be emphasised that the Turkish urban renewal regulations stand out as a system that allows property-led schemes, that is, a system in which the property owner makes an agreement with private contractors who then demolish and build the existing building and do the paperwork in exchange for land share.

In more specific terms, the Turkish legal system offers many incentives for both tenants and land-owners including rent allowances and extra zoning rights on the one hand, but it also conveys many important powers to public authorities and blanks out certain procedural guarantees in the system.

As KDK Law Firm, we provide all kinds of legal support and offer solutions in all stages of urban renewal. If you need legal advice on these kind of issues, or if you are looking for an English speaking Turkish lawyer, you can easily contact us.

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