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Our law firm in Istanbul provides legal consultancy to its foreign clients in disputes concerning rental law irrespective of the type of contract which may be residential or commercial in nature.

Rental law is applied not only in disputes between landlords and their tenants, but also in the relationship between those inhabiting apartments, let it be landlords or tenants. While the most frequent type of dispute concerns rent-related issues, the obligations of tenants are not limited to rental. When the tenant uses the tenantry in such a way that harms the property or causes nuisance to neighbours, the landlord may start legal proceedings against the tenant.

On the other hand, when the rental is agreed upon in large amounts or in foreign currency, both landlords and tenants may require legal advice on rental amount.

As KDK Law Firm, we provide legal consultancy in a large portfolio of issues through mediums including e-mail, mobile applications and phone calls. Our services include preparing, controlling and revising rental agreements or additional protocols thereto; starting legal proceedings for eviction, rent collection, determination of rent and claiming real estate/broker fee; serving required notifications through public notaries and conducting enforcement processes.

We provide all kinds of legal support and offer solutions in rental law cases. If you need legal advice on these kind of issues, or if you are looking for an English speaking Turkish lawyer, you can contact us.

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