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Intellectual Property Law

​Our law firm in Istanbul provides legal consultancy to its clients in all legal disputes and criminal investigations within the framework of IP law including cases concerning trademark infringement and trademark cancellation actions.

In this regard, our services do include; registration of trademarks, trademark objections, trademark renewal, trademark assignments, actions against infringement of trademark rights, prevention of trademark infringement, confiscation of counterfeit products, invalidation cases and claims for pecuniary or non-pecuniary damages.



Pursuant to Turkish legislation, the registration of trademarks is valid for ten years.


A patent application shall be accepted only if the applicant is able to show novelty of her work which is to have an inventive step and that the design has industrial applicability.

Utility Models

The works lacking inventive step but having industrial applicability and novelty can be protected as utility models.

Geographic Indications (GIs)

Being an effective way to add value to products; metals, natural products, agricultural products, industrial products and handmade products can be registered as GI in Turkey.

Plant Varieties (PVs)

Being a member state to the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants, Turkey has two main bodies for dealing with plant varieties: while General Directorate of Plant Production (BÜGEM) receives/prosecutes the applications for plant variety rights, Variety Registration and Seed Certification Center (TTSM) tests distinctiveness, uniformity and stability (DUS) of the PVs.


As KDK Law Firm, we provide all kinds of legal support and offer solutions in IP law cases. If you need legal advice on these kind of issues, or if you are looking for an English speaking Turkish lawyer, you can contact us.

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