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Our firm provides legal consultancy to both individual clients and private healthcare providers in a large portfolio of matters ranging from medical malpractice cases to the administrative standards to be complied with by providers.


It is seen that individuals with foreign nationalities increasingly visit Turkey for medical treatment within package tours also known as “medical tourism”, “medical tourism packages”, “medical tourism package tours” or simply “medical treatment abroad”. Within this subject, there may be complaints made by these foreign tourists concerning the quality of treatment as well as the grievances about the accommodation or unreasonably high prices. Our law firm represents and offers consultation to its clients in such occasions before courts-of-law.


With regard to individuals seeking pecuniary or non-pecuniary damages, we have an established procedure. In the first step when such disputes arise, we prioritise amicable settlement solutions, primarily through mediation. If these efforts fail, we then file complaints before competent authorities including professional associations and the Ministry of Health before starting legal proceedings before courts-of-law. In rarest occasions, if the individual case-at-hand comes forwards as a serious example of negligence, we also start criminal investigation on crimes such as involuntary manslaughter (taksirle öldürme).


When it comes to care providers, providing individual counselling to healthcare professionals, giving them briefings about the rights and obligations of physicians, and presenting them before the judicial authorities are among our fields of activity. We also provide legal counselling to healthcare professionals within the scope of administrative disciplinary investigations, claims for damage, and criminal investigations against physicians.


As KDK Law Firm, we provide all kinds of legal support and offer solutions in health law cases. If you need legal advice on health-related issues, or if you are looking for an English speaking Turkish lawyer, you can contact us.

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