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Our law firm in Istanbul provides legal consultancy to its clients in all cases related to criminal law. Focusing on criminal law in their academic researches, the English speaking lawyers in our criminal law department not only do have practical information about the Turkish criminal system but also have significant trial experience.


We frequently provide legal consultancy to companies along with individuals in matters regarding:

  • involuntary manslaughter (“reckless killing”, Turkish Penal Code Art.85),

  • money laundering (“laundering of assets acquired from an offence”, Turkish Penal Code Art.282),

  • disclosure of confidential documents or information relating to commerce, banking or private customers (Turkish Penal Code Art.239),

  • wire fraud (“preventing the functioning of a system and deletion, alteration or corrupting of data”; “misuse of bank or credit cards”, Turkish Penal Code Arts.244 and 245),

  • Real estate scams and fraud (Turkish Penal Code Arts.157, 158, 204, 205 and 206),

  • Offences against sexual integrity (Turkish Penal Code Arts.102, 103, 104 and 105),

  • Drug-related crimes (“production and trade/facilitating the use of narcotics and psychotropic substances”; “purchase, receipt or possession of narcotics or psychotropic substances for personal use or use of narcotics or psychotropic substances” Turkish Penal Code Arts.188, 190 and 191),

  • Human trafficking and migrant smuggling (Turkish Penal Code Arts.79 and 80),

  • IT crimes including cyber bullying, sextortion, online blackmail, and stalking (Turkish Penal Code Arts.107/2, 132, 133, 134, 135, 136, 138, 158/1(f), 243, 244, 245/A)

  • Trafficking cultural property/heritage (Code no 2863 Arts. 65, 67, 68, 69 and 70),

  • Failure to report suspect transactions (Code no 5549 Art.14).


Turkish criminal law can be summarised under two main headings: the criminal procedure law, which deals with the procedure of criminal proceedings such as the legality of the evidence, and the substantive criminal law, which focuses of the types and elements of crimes. Within the scope of the criminal procedure law, our law firm provides legal consultancy along with any other assistance which our clients require of in proceedings including any type of detention, arrest, search and seizure along with statements in law enforcement authorities.


As KDK Law Firm, we provide all kinds of legal support and offer solutions in criminal law cases. If you need legal advice on Turkish Criminal Law, or if you are looking for an English speaking Turkish lawyer, you can contact us.

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